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This was my final project for the CS220 Programming with Data Structures class. We were expected to propose a project that integrated one or more of the data structures discussed in class using java. For my project I proposed a movie management system that would incorporate linked lists and stack data structures in order to keep track of movie and customer objects.

Movie Management System

We have the option to add and remove movies. I used a doubly linked list, so when adding a new movie, we are just adding a movie object to the list. Customers objects have the option to rent movies, so when a customer rents a movie we remove the movie from the movies list and push that movie to the customers movie stack. Just as we can add a movie, the customer object can return a movie by popping the movie from its stack and adding it back to the movie list.

We also have the option to search through the linked list to find the given movie. The search option will filter the table to only show the searched movie if it's found, if the given movie is not found then a message will inform the user that the movie is not in the list.

As with any project, your time-frame may force you to drop many(or most) of the features you are wanting to add. While many of the features I intended to add were victims to a due date, I was able to complete and submit this project with all the functional features. All of my data structures were able to be manipulated and I received a 98% for this project.