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This was a group project for my CS435 Software Engineering class. We were to form a group of four and propose an innovative idea that would be useful for a specific group of people, this project being specifically useful for students and guests at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. We used agile methodologies and worked in 3 separate sprints, presenting to the class our progress at the end of each sprint.

Saluki Parking Assistant

To the left you can see the login/registration page viewed in desktop mode. We optimized for mobile, but there is a separate style sheet for desktop users. We used Firebase for the database and built the rest of the website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Instead of having to purchase a spot every time you need to park, we added a credit system which allows you to buy credits in bulk so you can purchase a spot instantly. The payment system is fully functional and uses PayPal as the primary payment option. When a spot is purchased, credits are removed from your account based on the duration paid for, then the countdown begins.

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